Michael Parker Gallery

Michael Parker Gallery

Michael Parker Gallery is located in the very heart of the beautiful and picturesque town of Daylesford, Victoria. The gallery is the culmination of Michael Parker's dedication and commitment to his studio and art practice and the living embodiment of desire to create new, original works. The gallery is home to some of Michael's most recent artworks. It also contains some of the region's best artworks from some of Victoria's leading artistic talents. While in Daylesford, Michael Parker Gallery still retains a local, regional and national focus.

Throughout the artistic journey which has led Michael to open this Gallery, the artist has developed his own distinctive style, a product of inspiration drawn from Australia's diverse landscape. In his studio practice which focuses both on painting and sculpture, Michael has produced an amazing range of spectacular artworks. Across this collection we encounter contemporary works made up of layered vistas and figurative representations of the living world around us.

Through his ongoing exploration of the visual meaning found within the Australian landscape, Michael has incorporated everyday objects and materials, and worked across diverse mediums including resin, encaustic wax and mixed media. Michael's artistic method makes for works that are both visually arresting and stimulating to the imagination. Michael's work has drawn the interest of art lovers and collectors alike and it is Michael's unique works which continues to make Michael Parker Gallery one of Daylesford's unmissable destinations.

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